A local legend in the running scene is making headlines.

Nike coach and celebrated distance runner Alberto Salazar allegedly tried to bully judges into disqualifying the winner of this year's USA Women's Indoor 3,000 meter championship.  The event, which took place in Albuquerque on February 23, has been the talk of Track and Field for two weeks because of a disputed finish that was only resolved a few days ago.  That's when Salazar withdrew a protest of a race, in which one of his runners, Jordan Hasay,  was bested by Brooks sponsored Minnesota runner Gabriele Grunewald.

On March 6, a lengthy piece was published in Deadspin that amounted to a frontal assault on Nike and Salazar.  It's unusual for a couple of reasons.  First, it's written by the spouse of Grunewald's coach, a conflict that would disqualify her in most journalistic settings, and second, its spite is exceeded only by the fascinating insight into the business of track and field.

Portland will host the 2016 World Indoor Championships.