Halloween crawl
Yorgos - Tater Tots, Well Drink or Draft Beer Sagittarius - Chips & Salsa, Draft Beer or Well Drink Atomic Pizza - Pepperoni/Cheese Slice, Salad or Beer Hop & Vine - Mini Dessert, Small Bacon Wrapped Dates, Draft Beer or House wine Eddie's Pizza - Savory Pinwheel, Slice of Pizza or Draft Beer Saraveza - Half pasty, Bowl of Soup, House wine or Draft Beer Ducketts - Small Side Dish, Well Drink or Draft Beer Red Fox - Cupcake or Spooky Vodka Drink served in a Pumpkin! Chapel Pub - Cheese Burger, Gardenburger or Draft Beer
Robert Reynolds Chefs Studio, 2818 SE Pine St., 544-1350. 6:30 pm Sunday, Nov. 1. $85.
210 NW 11th Ave. 2 pm Tuesday, Nov. 3.