Our sorta weekly roundup of gossip about new openings and change-ups in the bar and restaurant biz, courtesy of OLCC license applications:

Commons Brewery is looking to expand out of its current tasting room space into a much larger one. Owner Mike Wright has filed an application with the OLCC for a whopping 15,000 square foot space at 2136 SE 8th Ave. Sales and distribution head Josh Grgas confirms that the brewery "is in the process of expanding a bit, which involves looking for a new home that retains our current aesthetic and feel but can accommodate our growth." Grgas stresses, however, that nothing is set in stone and that they are still shopping.

Ivories Jazz Bar, at 1435 NW Flanders St, is closed as of March 9. Oregon Music News first reported before the close that the Pearl District dinner-show spot's events calendar somewhat ominously ended on that day, though owners would not confirm the closing. However, Ivories' website now consists of a goodbye message from owner Jim Thompson, thanking musicians and patrons, entreating the latter to "seek out these great jazz artists at other cafes and clubs throughout the Portland area and show your support for this inimitable musical experience." When WW reviewed Ivories back when it opened in 2012, we noted its coziness and impressive jazz bookings, adding that now all it needs is a packed house. Moving into the spot looks to be a Thai spot called Khao San, owned by the people behind Zab Thai in Beaverton.

The Bike Commuter, a family bike shop at 8301 SE 13th Ave. in Sellwood, would like to join Northeast Portland's Velo Cult in the business of selling both bikes and beer; they've applied for a tavern license.

Almost a year after its 1100 SE Division St. location was first announced, Pine State Biscuits has finally applied for a liquor license at the spot. Three weeks ago, the company's site put up a notice on its website that the location was "weeks away" from opening. Much nearby will also offer Southern comforts: Micah Camden plans to open a fried chicken shack at 20th and Division.

John and Renee Gorham (of Toro Bravo and the Tasties) unsurprisingly want a liquor license for their just-announced Mediterranean spot Mediterranean Exploration Company in the old Riffle space at 333 NW 13th Ave. According to the Oregonian, the spot is slated to open in July of this year.

In a sign of the times we live in, the Beaverton Fuddruckers at 15151 SW Barrow Ridge Blvd. looks to be turning into a La Provence restaurant, from the owners of the Petite Provence chain.

The Landing Strip "adult aviation lounge" and strip bar on North Columbia Blvd. will change hands, according to OLCC paperwork. New owner Kimberly Yu plans to open a spot called the "Play Pen."

Kenton looks to be getting a tavern called the Chill 'n' Fill, at 5215 N Lombard St

PRESENT DRINKING EXTRA!: John Taboada's ever-gestating Navarre-side bar, Angel Face, opened a week ago in the long-desolate space at 14 NE 28th Ave. that once housed Chinese dive Chin Yen's nearly unused back dining room. The spot looks a bit like a painted luxury pillbox, and serves oysters and entirely off-menu cocktails.