Cannabis in Portland will one day be like every other consumable in Portland. Which is to say, some people will produce great marijuana, others will not, and the jet set will decide which legends live on. Like bacon jam and double IPAs, the quality of your bud will depend on the grower. We'll aim to shine a spotlight on the growers who've made Oregon a world-class stop on the Marijuana Express. (The Marijuana Express is a metaphorical train.)

It's named after rapper T.I.'s record label, but Grand Hustle insists that you set aside macho aggression and acknowledge subtle, artful and clever lines. A blend of Afgoo and Green Crack, this functional hybrid falls on the cerebral side of the family tree and smokes like a calm, collected sativa, aptly embodying the ideal mindset for talking shit with finesse.

The overall impression of taste reminds one of an artisan chai tea—the nugs have a sweet, earthy scent that is followed by a light flavor of exotic spice. The first noticeable effects are refreshing waves of sensation through the head, which even out to a strong and steady head high that is anything but foggy. One feels inspired and contemplative, with enough creative focus to finally compose that “Ode to True Detective,” or at least finish your taxes.

Amongst the right company, Grand Hustle moves past motivated and becomes straight-up giggly. A minor caveat would be to stay aware of chattiness: This comfortable, stimulating high has potential for awkward oversharing and unfiltered confessions. That being said, I highly recommend a couple bowls of GH before any type of psychotherapeutic appointment, a grudge-ridden family reunion, or brainstorming the rhetoric for this year's Mother's Day card.

Grown by Red Dog Organics and found at Urban Collective at 305 NW 21st Ave. Suite #200 or check out UC's Facebook page.