March 31st, 2014 6:02 pm | by KATE WILLSON News | Posted In: Drugs, Health, Business, Politics

Oregon Drops Proposed Ban on Treats Laced With Marijuana

medical-marijuana-signUnder new state rules, medical marijuana shops can sell packaged treats—just not those marketed to kids.

The Oregon Health Authority had threatened to be a buzzkill when it came to medical marijuana dispensaries selling candies, cakes and cookies and other munchies seasoned with pot.

But according to the Associated Press, the agency has backed off that proposal, instead focusing a ban on any products that might entice minors.

As the AP reports:

That means nothing brightly colored or formed in the shape of animals, toys or candies. The rules also require marijuana products to be sold in child-proof containers free of cartoons or bright colors....

Previous versions of the rules would have banned drug-laced sweets all together because they could be attractive to young people. But dispensary advocates said patients who take the drug orally need the sweetened pot products.

The rules, released today are part of a new law aimed at tightening local regulation the state's medical marijuana program. The law gives local governments the ability to regulate dispensaries. It also allows them to ban them until May of next year.
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