In this column, WW music calendar and contributing writer Mitch Lillie helps the discerning club-goer put together their weekly calendar by compiling Portland's best dance-music options for the next seven days. Turn up, tune in, drop the bass. 

(9 pm, $12, 21+)

Sometimes you find techno in the strangest of places, but given St. Johns’ history of influence on the Portland music scene, I’m not surprised. Local techno producer Phidelity hasn’t been very active in releasing tracks these last three years, but he’s been gaining a solid following at festivals across the northwest. His tracks range from classic dub techno (his remix of “Kwitter”) to zoned-in downtempo (“Cloud Architecture”). Catch him Friday at the Central Hotel. (9:30 pm, $5, 21+)    

If bandwidth was determined by embeddedness in the web, Magic Fades and Soul Ipsum would have terabyte connections. The three producers sipped La Croix pamplemousse soda, sparked nugs and played SimDJ until an album, Zirconia Reign, was born, spanning the void between club and day spa. Their album release party is Saturday at Recess. (8 pm, $7, all ages)      

I don’t really care what the haters say: I love both trap and club. NYC’s Brenmar fits them both into his sets, channeling his Chicago upbringing through a Jersey-jaded lens. Sometimes his mashups are a little too clever—“Drunk in Love” crossed with “Swimming Pools (Drank)” for example—but Brenmar brings all the parties to the party on Saturday at Holocene. (9 pm, $5 before 11 pm, $7 after, 21+)     
You probably couldn’t point Bristol out on a map of England, but it’s a major epicenter of bass music across the pond. Kahn, Bristol’s hometown boy, is the king of a new wave of dubstep revivalists. They often release tracks on many of the same labels that saw dubstep’s international rise in the 2000’s—in Kahn’s case, that’s Punch Drunk and Mala and Coki’s Deep Medi Musik. He’s bringing deep shades of gray sound system back to the neon purple dubstep world on Saturday at Tonic Lounge. (9 pm, $10, 21+)