Jim Francesconi is taking his jobs pitch to television.

The former city commissioner, running to for Multnomah County Chair, has made job creation the central issue of his campaign against Deborah Kafoury. (They are competing to replace Marissa Madrigal, who stepped in after her former boss, then-Chair Jeff Cogen, resigned in September.)

On Friday, Francesconi released his first television ad. It shows plenty of blue-collar industrial work—welding, mostly—with the candidate in a hard hat, looking on approvingly. 

As WW reported last month, Francesconi's jobs campaign is unusual because the county has little direct role in economic development. Instead, it runs jails, health care and social services.

WW wrote:

Jewel Lansing, author of books about Portland city government and Multnomah County, says Francesoni’s emphasis on economic development is misplaced. “That’s not a core function of county government,” says Lansing, who supports Kafoury.Bev Stein, the former county chairwoman, agrees. “The county’s role is helping people get healthy—preparing them so they can get jobs—but I’m not sure what it means to create jobs at the county level,” she says.