We're not sure why it happened, but last Saturday, the Philadelphia-based noise-pop act Bleeding Rainbow swung through town and played at Sloan's Tavern, of all places. The Boise-Eliot bar, best identified by the huge "S" on the roof and the semi-truck poking out of its side, doesn't host many concerts at all, let alone concerts by touring buzz bands. But we fully welcome anything that might get more people through the door: Sloan's is one of the best kept secrets in town, a decades-old watering hole whose decor hasn't changed since the Carter administration, which keeps weirdly mercurial hours (open 'til 10 most weeknights, closed on Saturdays) and has in recent years has, for whatever reason, become a de facto lesbian Blazers bar. What—or where—is more awesome than that?

Willamette Week was at the show, and he caught the following images.

All photos by William Corwin.