A Portland police officer who faced allegations last year he tampered with jurors, as well as past allegations of using illegal steroids and threatening his ex-wife, has quit the the Portland Police Bureau.

The officer, Jason Lobaugh, resigned April 24, according to the bureau's spokesman, Portland Police Sgt. Pete Simpson. but the investigation into Lobaugh continues.

Police Chief Michael Reese

Over the years, the city has received at least 16 tort claims that name Lobaugh. In 2007, witnesses said they saw Lobaugh taser a young black man and kick him after he was on the ground. In 2000, he was investigated for allegedly use of an illegal narcotic associated with the use of steroids then tipping off the drug dealer during an undercover sting. In 2013 he was caught talking himself up jurors in a case in which he would testify

"Certainly the aggregate here is concerning," Simpson tells WW. "But there's a lot more behind the public investigation that the investigators are working with.”