The University of Oregon has suspended three basketball players who have been under investigation for forcibly raping a woman in a bathroom, according to a story reported Monday by the UO student newspaper, the Emerald and by the Oregonian.

Damyean Dotson, a sophomore from Houston; Brandon Austin, a freshman from Philadelphia; and Dominic Artis, a sophomore from San Francisco are under investigation by the university, the paper reported. The Eugene police, in its investigation, named only one suspect—Dotson—and the Lane County District Attorney has declined to prosecute the players, citing a lack of evidence.

When she was allowed to leave the bathroom she headed to the front door, she told police, only to have Artis grab her arm and take her back to the bathroom. She told police she didn't remember much except for being forced to perform oral sex. She said the men then took her to an apartment, where she was again forced to have sex.

She said she remembered gold Magnum condom wrappers on the floor, and at some point began to cry. She recalled one of the men saying to the others (and later to a group of friends) that she was crying "because we fucked her too hard."

The young woman later told her father, who reported the alleged assault to the university. Artis told them she hadn't seemed drunk and was consenting. And Dotson told police that taking away her phone was just a joke.

When officers asked the young woman if she wanted to press charges, she said she "didn't want to ruin their lives." 

The University of Oregon President Michael Gottfredson released a statement saying, "we are deeply concerned about information contained in the police report." 

Austin transferred to the University of Oregon after being investigated for allegedly assaulting a woman at Providence College, the Wall Street Journal reported in March.