Hello, U.S. immigrants of Portland! We're talking to you!

Over the course of this summer, we'll be writing about essential foods from all 50 states that are available in Portland. We're especially interested in unique foods that were invented in a specific place. And we're asking you, our oft-underappreciated transplants, to pitch us your picks from your home states. Which are probably being prepared here by other transplants from your very own states.

A great example of a helpful suggestion would be "plate lunch from L&L for Hawaii" or "elk burger for Montana." An example of a less useful suggestion would be "corn for Nebraska" or "grits for [pick a Southern state]."

Also keep in mind we need to be able to buy the stuff somewhere in town—if no one is selling prepared Rocky Mountain Oysters here, we're not including them. Feel free to suggest a restaurant or cart that has your favorite version, too.

So aside from the famous Washington Frappuccino, whaddaya got?

We're opening up the Internet tubes for suggestions.