Scott Lively, the former Oregonian who's made international headlines for his role in Ugandan anti-gay legislation is the subject of a recent story in DigBoston. 

LIvely rose to prominence in the 1980s in Oregon as the communications director for the Oregon Citizens Alliance, a group that promoted anti-gay legislation at the county and state levels. The group promoted Measure 9, an unsuccessful 1992 state-wide ballot measure that equated homosexuality with pedophilia.

Lively, now a pastor in Springfield, Mass., is running for governor and was originally left out of a candidate round-up Dig compiled earlier this month.

A quick review of Lively's website shows he hasn't changed his message.

"My views on LGBT issues are rooted in the Bible," Lively writes.  "I am deeply concerned for those who self-identify as homosexuals, bisexuals and transgender because the Bible warns that they will suffer great harm, both physically and spiritually. Honest observers can attest that the validity of this warning is manifest around us"