Doshy is a man out of place, bringing west coast bass thunder from Berlin, China and Berlin again. We emailed him to ask about his geolocation and future plans, and he turned out to be far more excited than anticipated. He makes his Portland debut on Friday at Rotture. 

Willamette Week: Thanks for agreeing to this interview. Portland’s excited to host your premier, and working with Cory and Stylss couldn’t be a better choice. 

Doshy: Hey, thanks.

What do you think of when you think of Portland?

Eprom lives there.

I read that you had moved to China, but are now (halfway?) back in Berlin.

I’m back in Berlin since May last year. China was fun! Lots of great experiences.

Have you ever thought about Atlanta—or at least NYC? I know there’s a lot of good alternative electronic music coming out of Berlin and China, but do you find it hard to fit into the techno/house/club scenes there?

I never thought about Atlanta much. I know Distal lives there and a bunch of great producers on his label. I love Berlin a lot! It is really hard doing west coast kinda bass music out there. But it still works out. Scenes are smaller but fun. I might move out here at some point but if then only to the west coast! 

People have thrown a lot of labels at your music—post-dubstep, trap, techno—many of which are accurate. You’ve mentioned that you tend to eschew genre labels like these in favor of originality.

I like the word bass music! It doesn’t bother me at all the people label things. I just dig and dig and dig and focus on beats around 140 bpm and sometimes if I play longer sets 170 bpm.

Hijacked makes sense given your wide interests, but it was still quite the change of pace from your earlier Robox-Neotech releases. How does your mindset affect the music you’re making, if at all?

I don’t think it’s a different style at all... It’s just 2014 now. :) Always the same doshy energy!

Can we expect more booty bass and hip hop like Hijacked in 2014? Other plans for the coming year?

You can! I’m working on a bunch of collabs with G Jones and some secret collabs which are shaping up wild! It will be more and more grimey but still with that little extra west coast swag.

Anything Portland needs to know about your show or your set?

It’s gonna be wild!! And if you like 140 bpm super energetic clever bass music you should not miss it!!! Boooooooom BOOM CLAP - REWIND!!!!!!!

Doshy plays Rotture on Friday, June 6 with Graintable, D-Poetica, Tyler Tastemaker B2B Quarry and Pacific Patterns. (9 pm, $5, 21+)  

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