Our roundup of gossip about new openings and change-ups in the bar and restaurant biz, courtesy of OLCC license applications and scuttle:

In sad news, sources at Hawthorne Boulevard's Cartopia have informed us that the sale of the longtime food cart lot has been finalized, which means that this is indeed the last summer of the Cartopia pod that includes stalwarts Perierra Creperie, Pyro Pizza, Potato Champion and Whiffie's Fried Pies. The carts' leases expire in October, and the lot is expected to become mixed-use apartments. The carts plan to go out with a bang by hosting movies on Sunday nights for the rest of the summer. It's hard, however, not to see a theme in the early movie choices: This Sunday will host The Fall and Slither starting at 9:30, while June 22 will play host to Attack the Block.

Former manager at Departure and at the Jory in Newberg, Ron Acierto, has applied for a liquor license to open Muselet Wine Bar and Restaurant, in the South Waterfront's Ardea Apartments. The license request is exploratory, however: No lease has been finalized on the site.

Remember when we wondered whether Boise might be the next Portland? Well, turns out that Portland is the next Boise, at least in part. Boise's locally popular micro-chain of french fry restaurants, Boise Fry Company, apparently plans to open a location in Portland, at 1902 W. Burnside, in the former location of Tropical Smoothie Cafe. Under the slogan "Burgers on the Side," the chain's website declares that "fries should be cooked with natural and healthy peanut oil, fries should not share fryers with other foods, and fries are indeed entrée worthy."

A new deli for Sellwood, it looks like. Ashley Bisagna of Feastworks Catering has put in a tavern application to open a Feastworks deli at 1325 SE Tacoma. The location currently houses a Subway.

Ned Ludd's adjacent meeting hall Elder Hall was funded, by a nose, on Kickstarter, and so here's the liquor license application. They promise dancing.

More pizza on the horizon. Adam Huskey has applied for a beer and wine license for a planned pizza spot called Homeslice Pizza, at Northeast Knott Street and 7th Avenue.

Crux Fermentation Project plans to open a second location... also in Bend. According to an OLCC application, they'd like to have a brewpub at 63026 Plateau Drive.

Two Southeast brunch spots would like to serve some liquor, not merely wine and beer: Block's on Clinton Street, and Sanborn's in Sellwood on Milwaukie Ave. (Sanborn's website has apparently been hijacked by someone who wants to sell you Air Jordans).

Newish organic spot Isla's Garden Cafe, on 4237 SW Corbett Ave., would like to serve beer and wine.

1st Choice Market, on 2031 NW Miller Rd., will become Natural Mart.