Oregon Right to Life, the state's largest anti-abortion group has long been a political powerhouse.

The group's political action committee has spent $2.38 million on Oregon races since 2010, including $400,000 this year, when it played a major role in four hotly contested GOP House primaries. 

Now, Oregon Right to Life, through a new online news site, The Oregon Optimist, is trying to communicate with a broader audience. 

Here's a note from the editors, explaining the impetus behind the new site:

We created The Oregon Optimist to provide our readers with good, meaningful news relevant to Oregon and Washington.

As news consumers ourselves, we noticed cynicism, propaganda, and superficial reporting beginning to dominate many news publications.We knew there had to be more to journalism than grasping for the hottest headline.

From our own curiosity and concern, we decided to create The Oregon Optimist, an online news source for the Pacific Northwest, and share with you stories of hope, perseverance and truth.

Our perspective also comes from a desire to see our world in a holistic way. We strive to pull together the pieces of our world that suggest there is goodness and hope in our communities and our way of life.

We, The Oregon Optimist, will provide relevant news, opinions and information about community events from a more traditional American perspective. We do not hide behind our own biases’ but allow ourselves to write from them and tell you that they exist.