History repeats itself, even when it involves hobbits. The very public collapse of an Illinois Tumblr-centric fan convention called DashCon—organizers reportedly begged for money to keep the convention going, with hot seminar topics that included "Strange Google Searches" and "British Men with Cheekbones"reminds us of a much stranger failed convention in Portland in 2003: Tentmoot.

The planned Lord of the Rings conference had roped in Sean Astin, but folded into an eventual Department of Justice investigation into alleged fraud, and a strange odyssey of the multiple identities (and genders) of would-be festival organizer Jordan Wood, aka Mr. Frodo.

At various times, he claimed to be on the run from the Irish Republican Army; a cousin of actor Elijah Wood, who stars as Frodo in the Rings movies; a former child actor who'd worked as a body double on the New Zealand production of The Fellowship of the Ring; and all three.