Andrew Miller
Peter Stott
Dear, _______

I am writing you because I believe Portland is at a crossroads and being defined by a select few.

As you may have read, I have agreed to be the chief petitioner for the new recall campaign. This issue is important to me and others because Portland voters should have the opportunity to decide the city's future. Whether you support Adams or not, it is important that we stand up and resolve this issue.

The city and region cannot afford three more years of weakened and unsettled leadership. The Mayor must have a mandate to govern effectively and tackle the pressing issues of job creation, business development, schools and the future growth of our city and region.

Our next step is to complete our initial fundraising goal in the next few days so that we can start paying petitioners and recruit volunteers to start collecting signatures right away.

As you may know the volunteer effort came very close with more than 30,000 signatures. Starting with this foundation and adding the paid signature effort, we no doubt will be able to collect the required signatures to put this issue before Portland voters.

Several prominent business leaders have stepped up to help fund our down payment. Among those are Tim Boyle, Ron Tonkin, Peter Stott, Andrew Miller, and others. These are their personal views and not views of their companies. Contributions range from $20,000 to $10,000 to $5,000. Either personal or corporate contributions are acceptable.

We are within striking distance of our goal and need your help to put this issue on the ballot.

Your financial help will make a difference. Please make contributions to Portland Future PAC and send to PO Box 5217 Portland, OR 97208. Together, we will reclaim Portland as the great place we know.

Thank you.


P.S. Attached is a form required by the Secretary of State. Please fill out the form when sending a contribution.