Duane Sorenson's boutique food mart, the Woodsman Market, quietly closed July 15. This week, Woodsman Tavern manager Corrie Robinson told Willamette Week that the restaurant group had been toying with multiple new concepts for the space. 

Well, looks like the new toys may resemble the old toys in at least one detail: the name. Market owner and Stumptown founder Duane Sorenson told WW today that his current plans are to re-open the Woodsman Market under the same name, late this year

"It's been exciting with everything we've done with the Woodsman Market and Stumptown Coffee," Sorenson tells WW. "Getting to know the neighborhoods and the customers. It's great to have the market like it was, with curated items and producers that are friends of mine across the world and across the country. 

"The direction didn't seem to click, or we couldn't figure out how to make the concept work. We've decided to shut the project down. Our hopes are to open by New Year's with a focus on more local producers and products, instead of expanding around the globe as we had."

Many details, however, Sorenson is keeping close to the vest. "I've had to be careful about not spilling the beans," he says.