Some remember Blue Dream as the bud at hand during their most cherished memories—the secret ingredient to a solid bonding night with housemates, the sesh before giving the best Maid of Honor speech in history. Maybe this mild strain was the first bud you ever smoked, or a nostalgic reminder of your first gravity bong in the dorms. One thing's for sure: everyone loves Blue Dream.

Bred to be the perfect blend of sativa and indica effects, you'd be hard-pressed to find a complaint about this balanced hybrid of Haze and Blueberry—and the quality of this particular batch, grown by SoFresh Farms and found at Oregon's Finest in the Pearl District, is a head above.

The savory taste far outshines its subtle, earthy scent. One inhalation leaves flavors of fruity blueberry and tangy sativa on the tongue. The first hit feels like Headband—straight to the dome with an intense cerebral buzz. Curbed by the calming effects of indica, the head high never gets cracked out or paranoid. It's a functional yet relaxing smoke, always fun and never so good that it impedes motor skills.

Known as a “forgiving” strain to grow; BD is hard to mess up. But that does not mean some aren’t superior to others. SoFresh strains are among the top buds in the region, renowned for their soil-conscious methods called “deep organic micro-farming.” They believe that a healthy environment for plants starts in the ground. Their prices most definitely reflect that, but Oregon’s Finest has plenty of discounted eighths and other deals that make the trip affordable. At a daytime-friendly 19.6% THC, and more organic certification than dinosaur kale from Zupan’s, you just can’t go wrong with this Blue Dream.