A crowdfunding campaign is now underway to help save the house of Nelson and Helen Murray, the last African American family on their block of Northeast 11th Avenue. 

WW's current issue includes a story about the Murrays' battle against foreclosure in a neighborhood that—before gentrification—was evenly divided between black and white residents. 

Wells Fargo in July 2013 filed court papers to foreclosure on the Murrays after they fell behind on a mortgage that required them to make bigger and bigger payments every year. Wells Fargo is now in talks with the Murrays to help them modify their loan.

But the Murrays need to make a $40,000 repair to their roof. A city inspector is due look at it, in response to neighbor complaints, and repairs might be necessary before their mortgage can be modified.

Neighbor Liz Getty on Wednesday created an Indiegogo campaign to raise money and collect materials to fix the Murrays' roof. Getty has been working with the Murrays to save their house for about a month. She aims to use the Indegogo campaign to raise $12,000 for roofing materials; a contractor has agreed to donate the labor.

"What it comes down to is [the Murrays] didn't have access to the resources that they needed," Getty says. "And now we have to figure out what to do from here."