Summer is in full, euphoric swing. The whole town is frolicking like their lives depend on it, and whether you're an ecstatic participant or a disturbed observer, a specific high is needed to endure such palpable good vibes. The distinctive flavor and effects of Campfire Farm's lush hybrid, Sour Kush, make it the perfect strain for midsummer delirium.

The taste boasts the best of its parentage. OG Kush's rich, skunky flavor is followed by the sharp aftertaste of Sour Diesel. That pungent combo makes for a romantic scent resembling the smell of the hot, oily streets after an August rainstorm. With the first inhalation, one feels an immediate wave of numbness wash down the head and neck. Not necessarily a cerebral buzz- more like a heavy head high. The relaxation washes over the rest of the body with time, giving way to substantial pain and stress relief. 

It's a practical enough smoke; one can get things done, but those Kush genes will lock you to the couch if you let them. Halfway through my accidental Netflix-sesh, another one of Sour Kush's effects came into action: a formidable case of indecisive munchies. I couldn't make a commitment to sweet or salty and looked like an outtake from Heavy Weights, grotesquely dipping fistfuls of popcorn into a bucket of Nutella.

Fantastic for summer activities—maybe seeing Spoon at MusicfestNW or a trip to The Dock— but not ideal for the average, workday wake-and-bake. That being said, if Monday hits you with a parking ticket, mosquito bites from the weekend's barbecues, and an early visit from Aunt Flo, it's an optimal anytime smoke. Campfire Farm buds are always Sunrise Labs verified and can only be found at the Pure Oregon Dispensary.