As WW reported yesterday, the city's Bureau of Human Resources is investigating the actions of Assistant Fire Marshal Doug Jones, who told the manager of a downtown sex club that he could ignore the fire marshal's denial of a special events permit.

WW obtained a transcript of a telephone call between Jones and the manager of Ron Jeremy's Club Sesso, in which Jones said there would be no enforcement of fire code violations the night of the June 28 event.

"I’m just telling you some things that I know about what we are doing this weekend that may or may not be helpful to you," Jones told the club's manager, Paul Smith, according to the transcript, adding, "You can do whatever you want with that, that you think is right.” 

When Club Sesso went ahead with the party on June 28 in violation of the fire marshal' permit denial, a fire marshal's inspector and two Oregon Liquor Control inspectors arrived unexpectedly. The OLCC cited Club Sesso for serving liquor in parts of its building that lacked permits. 

But before the fire inspector could cite the club, Jones drove in from his home in Sandy and assured Club Sesso personnel there would be "no repercussions from the Fire Bureau."

Portland Fire & Rescue Chief Erin Janssens refused to answer WW's questions about Jones' actions prior to the Tuesday's deadline for this week's print edition.

But on Wednesday night, she issued the following statement:

"PF&R is fully cooperative and supportive of this investigation.  Unfortunately, we’re unable to comment further until the process is complete."