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Portland Thorns: The Season in 8 Minutes

Looking back at the just-ended soccer season (video)

jessica mcdonaldJessica McDonald--one of the nice surprises this season

We'll miss you, Thorns.

Your Saturday defeat at the hands of Kansas City at a sparsely attended game in Kansas City's Durwood stadium was somewhat undignified. You seemed fatigued, not playing as a team and confused by the opposing defense. Whatever. Your second season was uneven, in part because of the weight of the prior year's championship that seemed to slow you down. It was also bumpy due to injuries and losing your stars to other obligations for weeks at a time.

The season saw the decline of Christine Sinclair, 31, the rangy, sweet-touching scorer who is simply one of the best—ever. It was brightened by the addition of track star Jessica McDonaldGoalie Nadine Angerer, a fierce defender, and Veronica Boquete, the Spanish mid-fielder, who joined the Thorns midseason, replacing Alex Morgan as the most interesting player to watch on the pitch.

And now its over. But not before we spend 8 minutes reviewing some of the season.

Here are highlights from the Seattle game that brought the Thorns to the playoffs. It's a good primer on the power of Angerer.

And here is a few minutes from a Houston/Thorns game, which showed the unfulfilled potential of Alex Morgan this season, and the energy of Boquete.
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