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Carl Wolfson Will Be Heard in Downtown Portland This Fall

XRAY.FM finalizes deal to take over KZME

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The ink is dry on the deal to quadruple the signal reach of radio startup XRAY.FM.

WW reported in June that rock-and-talk station KXRY-FM 91.1—better known as XRAY.FM—was in talks to merge with indie-rock station KZME-FM 107.1, taking over a 90-watt station in the West Hills.

The Portland Mercury reported last week that XRAY and KZME formally approved the deal. Today, officials from both stations announced further details.

" is dedicated to building a station worthy of Portland," station directors Jenny Logan and Jefferson Smith wrote in a statement, "and this is a great leap forward for us."  

The merger would guarantees that progressive talk hosts Carl Wolfson and Thom Hartmann reach a larger audience—including in downtown Portland, where XRAY.FM's Rocky Butte signal didn't reach. 

XRAY.FM's new signal reach
Courtesy of XRAY.FM


“Portland deserves more Portland radio,” Wolfson told WW in June, “and they’re going to get it.”

XRAY will begin broadcasting on FM 107.1 this fall—nearly two years after Clear Channel removed commercial progressive talk radio from the Portland dial.

Rob Brading, CEO of KZME owner MetroEast Community Media, told WW in June that KZME wasn’t turning a profit with local music.

Today's announcement gives some details on what will happen to KZME's shows and equipment. Here's what the stations released:

• gains the right to broadcast on 107.1 FM. will begin broadcasting there in the Fall of 2014.
•    A 4-member transition team, comprised of XRAY’s co-music directors and KZME previous two music directors, are arranging the adjusted XRAY music schedule to include several great music curators formerly of KZME.
•, in addition to its enhanced music offerings, will continue to broadcast its morning news and talk programming.  
•    Rob Brading, CEO of MetroEast, will join the Board of Directors that oversees
• will assume the costs of operating the translator and related management fees.
• will assume use of the depreciated studio equipment from the former KZME studios.
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