It's easy to understand the general motivations of those who support Measure 91, the marijuana legalization initiative on the November ballot: consumers, entrepreneurs and libertarians.

As WW has reported, the opposition to Measure 91 comes from law enforcement and some healthcare officials.

What Oregonians haven't yet seen is the influence of the pharmaceutical companies who manufacture prescription painkillers.

Reporter Lee Fang, who earlier wrote about big pharma's opposition to legalization for The Nation, has a new piece in VICE magazine that highlights the funding that prominent academic critics of legalization have received from large prescription painkiller manufacturers. 

"VICE has found that many of the researchers who have advocated against

legalizing pot have also been on the payroll of leading pharmaceutical

firms with products that could be easily replaced by using marijuana," Fang writes.

"When these individuals have been quoted in the media,

their drug-industry ties have not been revealed."