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Golden Spurtle Update: Local Takes the First Prize

For the first time in the history of the Golden Spurtle competition, an American has taken the title of World Porridge Making Champion. That's right, local grain connoisseur Matthew Cox of Bob's Red Mill has beat out all of the Scottish Oatmeal experts to take home the coveted Golden Spurtle trophy.

As WW reported last month, Cox, pictured above with specialty winner Anna-Louise Batchelor of England, entered the competition armed with a locally-made myrtle spurtle (a stirring rod used to prevent lumpy porridge) to defend the honor of American oatmeal eaters nationwide.

On top of winning the trophy for best traditional porridge, Cox also competed in the specialty category, concocting an Oregon-themed creation filled with Bartlett pears, cherries, hazelnuts and Clear Creek Eau de Vie. While his specialty porridge was certainly delicious, it was not enough to beat out Batchelor's spotted dick porridge. (Who doesn't love a nip of spotted dick in the morning?) According to team member Cassidy Stockton, blogging live from the competition, the traditional award says great things about the company's product and they were more than pleased with the single prize, winning "on the merit of our oats alone," she said.

Despite the upset, Cox remained humble over his success. "What an incredible honor," he said. "We are just elated to win the world title." Bob Moore, the "Bob" of Bob's Red Mill, however, showed a more competitive edge. "I am absolutely delighted," he said. "We can really say that we have the world's best oats."

Or perhaps it was the power of that myrtle spurtle chasing away evil spirits.

Photo by Roy Brown, courtesy of goldenspurtle.com
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