The District Attorneys of Marion and Yamhill County this afternoon released a statement saying they would not charge Michael Rodgers, the senior state IT official who refused to delete 6,000 of former Gov. John Kitzhaber's emails and then leaked the emails to WW. 

The decision comes just a day after Gov. Kate Brown told WW she didn't think Rodgers should be charged criminally and that she'd prefer to work instead on restoring transparency and public trust in state government.

The Oregon State Police launched an investigation into the leak on Feb. 18, the day Kitzhaber resigned and was replaced by Brown.

Here's the statement Marion County D.A. Walt Beglau and Yamhill County D.A. Brad Berry released this afternoon:

“Under the totality of the circumstances in this case and after a

thorough review of the above factors, the mutual decision of these two

District Attorneys is that justice would not be served by filing

criminal charges against Mr. Rogers.”

Rodgers' response to  that news, according to WW's news partner, KATU, was one word: "Great!"