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Sheriff Skipper Announces Retirement


Multnomah County Sheriff Bob Skipper has announced he's retiring from office effective Nov. 5.

Skipper's problems attaining his police certification have been well documented — so much so that the race to replace him after he leaves has already begun.

Skipper, who took over last summer when former Sheriff Bernie Giusto retired in scandal, is himself a former sheriff who had been out of law enforcement for 13 years. He was elected last fall to serve the remainder of Giusto's term through 2010.

"Coming back to the sheriff's office for me was the first thing on my bucket list," Skipper tells WW. "As much as I would have at least liked to serve through 2010, it just was not to be I guess."

Once he's out of office, Skipper says he may learn to water ski or build a race car.

In a new release (PDF), Skipper says he will designate Lt. Dan Staton as his replacement. Staton is a certified police officer, as state law requires. Also as required, he is a Multnomah County resident — a rare attribute among command staff in the sheriff's office.

The board of county commissioners would need to vote on designating Staton as Skipper's successor. Skipper's current approved successor is Undersheriff Tom Slyter, an old colleague whom Skipper brought out of retirement to help reform the sheriff's office after Skipper took over for Giusto.

Like Skipper, Slyter is not certified as a police officer. He would need to take the 16-week training course in order to serve as sheriff.

Instead, Skipper says, Slyter also is retiring in November.

"We came in together," Skipper says, "and we're going out together."
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