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Did James Westby Just Kill Storm Large?


James Westby, the Portland director who made Film Geek and The Auteur (though at the moment he may actually be better known for a video surveying the width of Storm Large's vagina) has been busy in post-production on his newest feature, Rid of Me. And now it has a trailer, which if nothing else suggests that Westby is putting comedy aside for the moment:


So let's recap: Katie O'Grady is not at all popular with her husband's Portland friends (her attempts to share her enthusiasm over a community garden are met with the kind of scorn usually reserved for people who suggest, "Hey, let's spend our Saturday afternoon molesting children!") and after one especially traumatizing softball game, she goes goth as fuck and starts smoking Kools behind the gym. Also, not to give anything away, but it looks like Storm Large gets her wide vagina MURDERED.

Or maybe just injured. But probably murdered.
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