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Vicki Phillips In The News

Vicki Phillips

The Associated Press in Seattle reports on changes at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, whose education director is a familiar name to Portlanders.
Nine years and $2 billion into its work to improve America's public schools, the Seattle-based foundation is turning its focus to teacher effectiveness.

Which seems to be a nice way of saying the foundation's last big effort -- turning comprehensive high schools into multiple "small schools" -- wasn't as successful as Gates would have wanted. The AP story quotes Vicki Phillips, formerly Portland Public Schools' superintendent, on the foundation's latest effort at reform.
"It really is about an effective teacher for every student every year of their school career," said Vicki Phillips, director of the foundation's K-12 education program. "If we did that, we would make the kind of progress that we have all long dreamed about in this country."

WW coined the nickname "Hurricane Vicki" for Phillips after she stormed through Portland, leaving a big mess in her path. But I have long since thought other names would have been more appropriate. Given her habit for bouncing from one idea to the next, I like "Pinball Vicki." The above quote makes me think of another one: Vicki "Bumper sticker" Phillips.
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