You've heard tell of his mystical existence, been privy to legends of his hulking orange figure bumbling through the city streets, hugging bewildered children and shaking his block-shaped booty. But until now, much of his persona has been shrouded in mystery. A recent romp on YouTube uncovered this revealing, up-close footage of Tillamook Cheese mascot Loafy the Baby Loaf, the human-sized tower of cheese, in action. Peep this video to see what being a giant loaf of cheddar is all about.


Want to meet Loafy in person? Read on.

Oregon Zoo's Tillamook Cheese Day

On any other occasion, the words "zoo" and "cheese" shouldn't really be in the same sentence, but we'll make an exception for Tillamook's 100th birthday. Because one celebration just wasn't enough, the animals at the zoo are down to party too—basically the same event held a few weeks ago at Pioneer Courthouse Square, but this time with the added thrill of Loafy the Baby Loaf frolicking among ravenous, sharp-toothed wildcats. Will our daring dairy mascot live to see another anniversary? Be there and find out. 9 am-4 pm Friday, August 28. Oregon Zoo, 4001 SW Canyon Road, 220-2789. $9.75 (12-64), seniors $8.25, children $6.75, 2- free.