five awesome things to get excited about and join in with this fall
1. Funk up your junk!
Junk To Funk
When: Deadline for submissions is October 14, the show's on November 14.

2. PARK(ing) Day!
PARK(ing) Day
When: Friday, September 18th
3. Money for art?!
When: Proposals due before August 23 (first 10 make it through). Dinner is on August 30.
4. Get your rocks off.
Healing Hour
When: Tuesday August 25, 7 - 9pm.
5. Beautify schools.
Community Care Day
When: Saturday August 29, 9 am-noon (for the majority of schools, exceptions apply).

PARK(ing) Day 2008
Don't miss out this TrashFash:
Photos courtesy of Philip Morgan and Art Monaco Portland.