Russ Isham
In order to stop the speculation as to why I have made the decision to resign my position, I would like to include more details about this decision.
My decision to resign comes out of a personal relationship that I had with an adult female other than my wife. This involved person was not an employee or anyone that has anything to do with the sheriff's office. This relationship, while personal, was discovered by an employee. While this was strictly personal, it has impacted my ability to do the job I was elected to do. It is with many regrets that I have found myself in this position, and I apologize to my family, to everyone who has supported me and to the citizens of Marion County. You can be proud of the men and women who serve you within the sheriff's office. Sincerely, Russ Isham Effective 8/24/09, at 5:00 pm I will resign my position as Marion County Sheriff. I have made some decisions in my personal life that I am sorry for, and unfortunately they have affected the position that I hold. For as much as I want to fight what is being said, I feel it is in the best interest of my family, the sheriff's office and our community that I resign at this time. I would like to thank everyone who supported me and the sheriff's office during the past two years and ask for that support to continue for the men and women of the the sheriff's office. Effective immediately all executive authority of my office is vested in Undersheriff Jason Myers. Due to the difficulty on my family I ask for your understanding that I will not be making any further comments regarding this issue. Sincerely, Russ Isham