Tonight marks the inaugural session of the Hawthorne Cart Village's "Foodkartaroke." Which is exactly what it sounds like. Fried pie man and Twitter addict Gregg Abbott over at Whiffie's Fried Pies has been tweeting about the song-party all week—begging for a PA (he found one) and engendering increasingly excited flutters of tweets about Ying Yang Twins, Pixies and, of course, Warrant's "Cherry Pie." It all goes down tonight: The short karaoke session at the 12th and Hawthorne pod is scheduled for around 8 pm to 10 pm.
"It'll be a trial run," he texted WW. "At 10 we'll turn it down enough to be good neighbors!!" Which is good, considering all the hell we caught for mentioning the village's neighbors ire over the pod's late night loudness in the first place.
You don't have air conditioning anyway, so you might as well swelter through
with a good soundtrack. After all, where else can devour a whole barbecued turkey leg (thanks Q BBQ!) and then sing "Jessie's Girl" with a mouthful of Belgian frites and/or vegan pie?
That's what I thought.