This is a pit bull.


This is a schnoodle (combination schnauzer and poodle).


We can guess which would win in a dog-fighting ring. But we may also learn which breed prevails in a supposedly more equal arena: a court of law.

In a lawsuit filed July 21 in Multnomah County Circuit Court, Northeast Portland schnoodle owner Diana Chesney claims his neighbor's pit bull, Hoss, bit her and her schnoodle, Henry.

According to the lawsuit, Chesney was walking Henry near her home on Northeast 174th Avenue on Dec. 30, 2008. As they passed the home of Uydo Nguyen Le and Daniel Nguyen, their pit bull Hoss left the porch and crossed the front yard "at a high rate of speed," the lawsuit says.

The lawsuit says Hoss lunged at Henry, and Chesney tried to rescue the schnoodle by picking him up. As she did so, the lawsuit says, Hoss bit Henry and Chesney at the same time.

The lawsuit claims pit bulls "have dangerous and aggressive propensities towards other dogs and persons," and that Hoss's owners "knew or should have known that pit bills have a vicious nature and disposition."

Chesney suffered a cut on her hand as a result of the attack, and Henry required veterinary care, the lawsuit says. The suit, filed by Clackamas lawyer William Knox, seeks $3,475.33 for Chesney's medical expenses, Henry's vet bill, and time off work to take Henry to the vet, plus $2,000 for pain and suffering.

Uydo Nguyen Le and Daniel Nguyen could not be reached for comment.

The photos above show a random pit bull and a random schnoodle and are not intended to depict Hoss and Henry.

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