Dave Chappelle appeared in Pioneer Courthouse Square,
And 4,000 people were waiting for him.
it is difficult to think of a more impressive spontaneous downtown gathering in this city's history
Chappelle's Show
Then Chappelle showed.
"I don't know how I can tell four people, and 4,000 people can show up,"
"This has never happened to me in my entire career."
"I didn't know I was still famous. Now I know."
Photos! First, proof that Dave Chappelle was actually there (he's the blur on the left):
By 11:15 pm, crowds perched anywhere they could:
...including atop MAX shelters:
At 12:45 am, the Noon Tunes tent was shaking dangerously (as was my camera):
Finally a shot from WW culture intern Heather Morse, from another angle: