Unicycle Polo World Championships '09
Hello world,

May we kick your ass?

World Championships of Unicycle Polo.

FABULOUS prizes!

Exotic Locations!

Sweaty Men and women!

Foul Mouthed Language! Insert your own adjective and noun here!

Come see teams from around the world compete their little hearts out

Don't have a team? that's perfect! We'll assign one to you.

Just show up....free team! woo hoo!

Helmet, unicycle, desire- bring these things.
Parks 2 Parks Night Ride
Mellow ride from park to park all night long. Discover unheard of parks with plenty of play time at each. Last year we had 30 people in one tree, saxophone along the bluffs, skinny-dipping in a heated pool, among other adventures.

This ride is not a loop, and it will go late. BYOB, hula hoops, blankets, and park gear.

Douglas Adams says: Always remember your towel!
Oregon Sesquicentennial Ride
Happy Birthday Oregon. Looking good for 150 years! Upon our bikes we'll cruise on an afternoon easy ride to multiple spots around inner Portland. Celebrate in Style: Wear Oregon's colors, blue and yellow. Prizes for best Oregon-themed costume/bike. One confirmed stop will be the Oregon Historical Society to see the Oregon my Oregon exhibit ($2 group rate/normally $11), plus other fun stops, and who knows maybe we'll run into a friendly Sasquatch! We love you Oregon!
Team Beer Cowboy Ride
Get your boots, hat and lariat as Team Beer presents it's 2nd annual cowboy and cowgirl ride. We'll mosey through town ending with a massive cowboy roundup. Great cowboy games and prizes for the best costumes. Live band featuring both kinds of music, country and western.
Bro Bar Pub Crawl
You got a polo shirt? Visor? Puka shell necklace? Hair gel? Flip flops? Any other BRO apparel? Cool. Wear it all. The more ridiculous the better. Multiple polos? Pop them collars, sucka. We meet at McFaddens where we infiltrate the bro-haven and drink it up, then move onto other bro bars. We end at an undisclosed location. Bro attire and bro attitudes are REQUIRED. High fives are optional but encouraged. Bring money for drinks/cabs. Bro responsibly.

Loud & Lit Ride
The North Freak Cycling collective's monthly ride!

Special for pedalooza we are throwing a Loud and Lit Ride!

So bling out yourself and your bike with lights, fire, stupidity, whatever, and come ride, party and dance through the night to the loudest bike sound systems in portland.

Trophies and Prizes for the best lit bike/rider combo, as well as loudest sound system, so come prepared!

We meet at 10:00pm at Irving Park and ride towards mysterious amounts of fun!
Photo courtesy shift2bikes.org