The 3rd annual Stumptown Joustdown hit the pavement at Colonel Summers Park on Saturday, June 20. Gutterpunks, hipsters, children, spouses and an epic number of dogs (bicycle lovers, all!) congregated for a day's worth of good-natured cycling carnage. For those who missed the two-wheeled violence, here are some highlights.more
A clean, no-nonsense round of small bike jousting.
A very special round of the small bike joust: Husband vs. Wife! (It was concluded that, in a moment of matrimonial harmony, they both won.)
[youtube QGjukBoMe54]
It's brother vs. brother in a father-sanctioned round of hilarious fratricide, not to mention the fact that they are reportedly the "youngest jousters ever!"
Battle of the Star Wars Princesses: Leia (front) vs. Amidala, led on by their de-clothed "noble steeds."
Princess Amidala is given a pep talk before round 3, of which, it must be said, she lost to Leia.
The very questionable piggy-back/small bike joust. All parties somehow managed to keep necks and genitals intact...
The tall bike joust rounded out the day. Whew! Come back next year.