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Beer Signal: When You Just Don't Want to Call

BeerListWant to meet up with some friends for beer, but too lazy (or drunk) to call or text them a complete sentence? Use an iPhone App to alert them for you! Beer Signal, brought to you by the local beer fan-site Taplister.com, is a new application that uses Twitter or Shizzow to message your friends with a time and place to meet for drinks.

This app stands out from other beer-related iPhone programs because it uses a list of Portland pubs. Beer Signal's site says there are 50 venues and 400 beers listed and up to date. It also includes listings of beers on tap (if provided by the pub) and the ability to tweet which fine brew you are drinking.

Yet another potentially awesome feature? A pubcam with a live view of a pub's chalkboard with the current beer list. (Unfortunately only one pub is currently supported: the Eastburn).

Available for free at http://www.apple.com/iphone/apps-for-iphone/.

(tip o' the hat to beervana.blogspot.com)
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