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Give a Dollar, Get a Good Deed

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Ben Emrich wants to do good, for a price. He is a 30-year-old senior at Concordia University, studying education. And like many students, he's having a hard time making ends meet. So he's schemed up a way to make some money that will help cover what his student loans can not, one dollar at a time.

The deal is, he will do one good deed for each dollar donated to on his blog, Deeds For a Dollar. Donate $60, and he'll volunteer for a day at a charitable organization. $100 and he'll volunteer his time to any cause you deem worthy, “barring somewhere like NAMBLA,” of course.

Remember One Red Paperclip? Stranger things have happened.

Smartly, Emrich pre-empts all the skeptical questions that such Internet schemes inspire, such as, why don't you just get a job?

He blames Oregon's unemployment problem as a reason he can't get a job, and his low-level agoraphobia for why he can't hold on to one.

All the gritty details of his dollar proposition are available on his blog, where you can also donate your buck, and follow his progress. Here's to hoping the Internet god's bestow their fickle blessing of viral success on your cause, Ben. Now go forth, and do good for that green.
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