June 1st, 2009 5:33 pm | by Ryan Fleming News | Posted In: CLEAN UP, Sports

Every Day is Greg Oden Day


Fans of Greg Oden can now follow him everyday for an entire calendar year! Well, sort of. Photographer "justapaperbag" is working on a year-long photo slideshow project of Oden, thanks to Flickr and a toy Oden doll. Each day a new picture of “Oden” in new and strange situations goes up.

The pictures teeter precariously from the bizarre to the witty as the photographer poses the toy in various situations, including: the plastic Oden on a surfboard with the tag “Greg Oden don't surf”, a faux-Oden reading an injury report of the real Oden with the tag “Greg Oden is fragile”, and toy Oden in front of a picture of a great white shark with the tag “Greg Oden knows, ‘this is not a boat accident!'”

So far the stand-in Oden is unhurt, but the project still has than 234 days to go.
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