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Forgive us for a moment as we recount the awards we picked up Saturday night at the annual banquet put on by the Society for Professional Journalists' Oregon and Southwest Washington chapter. WW picked up 16 first-place awards for journalism in 2008 among larger-circulation non-dailies in Oregon and among alt-weeklies in the Northwest region. And WW reporter Beth Slovic earned special recognition in the Bruce Baer award - Oregon's top prize for investigative reporting - for her series of pieces last year on now-former U.S. Sen. Gordon Smith (R-Ore.).

Here's the rest of our haul:


Among non-daily newspapers with a circulation larger than 8,000, WW got first-place for the following

SPOT NEWS REPORTING: Nigel Jaquiss for "Sten Calls It Quits."

GENERAL FEATURE: Aaron Mesh for "Raiders of the Lost Crap."

INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING: Jaquiss for "The Sopranokovs."

ENVIRONMENTAL REPORTING: Jaquiss for "Beaten To The Pulp."

EDUCATION COVERAGE: Beth Slovic for "Core Issue."

RELIGION AND VALUES: Byron Beck for "The Queer and the Qur'an."

PERSONALITIES: James Pitkin for "The Adventures of Zetaman."

CONSUMER. FOOD, LIFESTYLE, HOME: Beck for "Lean Cuisine."

BUSINESS NEWS: Jaquiss for "Beaten To The Pulp."

SPORTS: Casey Jarman for "Here Today..."

Among alt-weeklies in Region 10, WW got first-place for

INVESTIGATIVE: Slovic for "Senor Smith."

GOVERNMENT: Pitkin for "Manhunter."

SOCIAL ISSUES: Beck for "The Queer and The Qur'an."

EDUCATION: Slovic for "Fleeced."

SPORTS: Jarman for "Here Today..."

HUMOR: Ethan Smith for "Kvetch Fest."