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  • Look over here at the shiny! Keep looking, keep looking! Forget about our whole budget thingee and focus on something pointlessly inappropriate! Thanks, California. Yahoo News reports that California is appealing the US Supreme Court to allow them to ban rentals of “M” rated games to minors. The Courts originally ruled that there were other ways to prevent this, like, ya know, parents and stuff. But always the trendsetters, California has decided to appeal. Again.
  • Up in Quebec, there is a new law floating aboot, eh. Recently passed, the new law bans the sale of English-only video games where there is a French copy available, according to The Toronto Star. Typically games that are originally English based do come out with French versions, but can be delayed for months, which puts all video game retailers in the area at risk, as gamers will typically just go online to purchase the game. Well done French descendants. Well done.
  • The interwebs are abuzz with the news that Microsoft is tired of having Apple steal their lunch money and then point and laugh at them while doing it. Videogamenews.com reports that Microsoft is planning a handheld unit that will compete with the PSP, DS, and the iPhone. No more details have been released, but you can be sure the MS lawyers are poised in an attack crouch waiting for any leaks.
  • Looks like Portland is on the gaming map—or at least the Oregon City company Funnelbox is. The group recently completed nine months of graphics work on the game Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, and are looking to add to that resume soon. Now, I wasn't all that kind to the game when I reviewed it, but the graphics were a highlight, and hopefully this is just the beginning for the Oregon company.
  • Yahoo Tech reports that a tiny little indy game seller by the name of Wal-Mart is entering the used gaming business. You may have heard of them. The world's largest game seller will begin buying and trading used games from you in select stores around the world, with the plan to eventually have kiosks in every store dedicated to buying and selling games. Wal-Mart issued the following statement to small game retailers everywhere, “Muwahahahahahaha, your children are next.” The spokesman then turned into a bat and flew away, thus rendering him unavailable for further comment.
  • Gametab.com reports that Fallout 3 has at least two more DLCs coming soon! Squeeeeeeee!!!- er… sorry. The next addition will be called Point Lookout, a new swamp area due in late June. The next DLC, Mothership Zeta where you are abducted by aliens, arrives in late July. Both DLC will be roughly $9. Take that real life!
  • This is just one of those things that fans of irony can really get behind. Gametab reports that Capcom has decided to skip the E3 debut of Dead Rising 2 because of fears of swine flu. That's right, we won't get to see a game about zombies because a couple people have a cough. Maybe the people at the Capcom offices need to get out a bit more. Maybe go for a walk or something.