Meadow Park Middle School student Arjun Kandaswamy had already proven his geography chops by beating everyone at his Beaverton school, everyone from Oregon and 47 other state winners at the National Geogrraphic bee in Washington D.C. yesterday.

In the sudden death, tie-breaker round, Alex Trebek of "Jeopardy" asked this question to Kandaswamy and the only other kid left standing, Eric Yang from Texas:

"Timis County shares its name with a tributary of the Danube and is located in the western part of which European country?"

The correct answer was Romania, Kandaswamy wrote down Hungary.

Close….. damn close. But Kandaswamy lost to Yang, earning him an honorable and impressive second place. Never the less, Kandaswamy was given an oversized check for $15,000 to be used as scholarship money for college. Not bad.