Star Wars Episode IV
and the other involves time travel.
Best Movie-Based Game of the Week
X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PC, PS2, PSP, DS)
God of War
The insane amount of gore and the fast paced combos add to the feeling that when you take control of Wolverine, you are a total bad ass.
Worst Movie-Based Game of the Week
Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (Xbox 360, Wii, DS)
Best DLC of the Week
Fallout 3: Broken Steel (Xbox 360, PC)
Broken Steel
  • Duke Nukem Forever news! It looks like the long, strange trip has finally come to a sad ending, as reports that 3D Realms, DNF's developer, has closed their doors for good. Anyone that has followed the video game industry has probably heard of the game Duke Nukem Forever. Maybe it is more accurate to say the “game,” since it has been in development hell for over 12 years. That means that when this game first began development, Newt Gingrich was on TV attacking Democrats, OJ Simpson was in legal trouble, and Microsoft was forced to issue a massive patch after releasing a flawed operating system. It is like a window into time!
  • Who ya gonna call? A high priced lawyer apparently. According to PC World, the much awaited Ghostbusters game has hit a snag due to legal complications. Sony stepped in at the last minute and signed a deal they hope will appease everyone, as long as everyone plays a Playstation. The game scheduled to release on June 19 will be a Playstation exclusive, with Wii, 360, and PC to be delayed. The game may or may not come out on the remaining systems the same month. Or later in the year. Or whenever Sony decides that money is cool.
  • Amid a slew of game developers and publishers closing or totally restructuring, there are a few groups that continue to buck the trend and keep the game industry afloat. This week, Nintendo released their annual profits report, which shows that they increased their annual profits by a whole bunch. Like, a lot. An 8.5 percent increase from last year's profits according to Yahoo news. The next Mario game will feature the plumber rolling up on a Yoshi with spinners as he smiles to show off his new platinum grill. The company is preparing for a slowdown in the coming year, which should give them enough time to finally count the piles of money they earned by trouncing the competition over the last few years.
  • Despite a new denial issued, rumors keep surfacing that Apple is looking to buy publishing giant EA games. reports that Apple insists that there is no deal in place for the purchase, despite the fact that it is common knowledge that Apple wants into the console market. The two companies are essentially spiritual siblings, as both have been accused of secrecy to the point of paranoia, so there may be truth to this. Apple can mock my PC all they want, but the second Justin Long starts dogging on my 360, we are going to have words.
  • LucasArts has announced that they hope to revive the Indiana Jones video game franchise soon. With one game scheduled for the Wii later this year, LucasArts hope to follow with an original game for the PS3 and the Xbox 360 according to Although they don't specifically state so, LucasArts hints that they will tackle and gag George Lucas if he attempts to get anywhere near this game. Or at least that is what almost everyone that saw Kingdom of the Crystal Skull hopes. The moment Indy survived a nuclear blast inside a refrigerator was the moment my inner child went comatose.
  • Yahoo News reports that the New York-based company Cellufun, has decided to go insane. They will soon be releasing the cell phone game Made Off, a game based on Bernie Madoff and his super fun Ponzi scheme! You know, the one that ruined thousands of peoples lives. Fun! You will choose to be either a fund manager and attempt to lure players into an attractive investment, or you play as the investor and try to find real deals. Next up for Cellufun is the game Cancer! We hope we are kidding.