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Cuba or Bust For This 94-Year-Old Doc

Photo of Dr. Grossman, 94 year old Portland Doctor

On April 13, President Obama lifted a U.S. ban that had made it illegal for Americans to visit family in Cuba or send them money.

While a big step, it's not enough for Charles Grossman, a 94-year-old retired doc (and all around nice guy) who held a press conference today in advance of his law-challenging trip to Cuba.

He wants the United States to allow tourism and trade that could set the stage for international diplomacy with Cuba — and strengthen both countries' economies.

Dr. Grossman also sees improved relations with Cuba as an opportunity to study the pluses and minuses of a single-payer healthcare system.

The 94-year-old firebrand is taking action to make it happen by leaving Sunday for Cuba. While he could very likely get approved for travel as a researcher, or doctor, he's not doing that.

He's going illegally to challenge what he sees as insufficient action by Obama in lifting the ban. Will he be arrested when he returns or fined? Stay tuned. We'll be following this story.
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