[youtube pDVFxfUdv5M]

Sure, last night's end to the Trail Blazers season was disappointing. But here's some consolation to get you through today's letdown of realizing that Greg Oden stunk, Travis Outlaw and Nicholas Batum shrunk and Steve Blake suffered through on-again, off-again funk.

There will be plenty of time to analyze what the Blazers need to do next season. But for the moment, let's all realize they were playing with "house money" by making the playoffs for the first time since 2003, and the future still appears bright even after last night. So gather around to watch some videos from the regular season to get through today:

moreAgainst Houston in happier times

[youtube 9qfGTQEWuOM]

Roy puts up half-a-hundred on Phoenix

[youtube dCcb7mIBykA]

A big late-season win over San Antonio

[youtube OjViBwlLi4w]

And the Blazers crush the Lakers

[youtube LQez9QccqdI]

Fernandez goes airborne

[youtube pSsUwA_5ZCw]