Updated with more info:
Friday, May 1, Burgerville will start serving local wine and beer
order a Widmer Hefeweizen to go with your pepper bacon cheeseburger.
(We've got a call in to Burgerville to find out when Portland might start getting some sudsy action too).
The local wine offerings include the Ponzi Tavola Pinot Noir, O'Reilly Pinot Gris and the Eyrie Vineyards Chardonnay. Burgerville also capitalized on the area's abundant breweries like the Widmer Brothers Brewery and the Full Sail Brewing Co. and sought the best complement to seasonal and regular menu items such as the Wild Smoked Salmon Salad and the Spicy Anasazi Bean Burger. The selected beers include Widmer Hefeweizen, Full Sail Amber and Terminal Gravity ESG. There is a two-drink limit for all guests over 21 years old.
new "gourmet" menu items,
Salmon Creek Burgerville, 13309 NE Highway 99, Vancouver, Wash.,
360-573-8223. Wine and beer available starting Friday, May 1.