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For all the back-and-forth over what the Trail Blazers should — or shouldn't — be doing in their first-round series against Houston, we're going to take a step back on this day off between Games 5 and 6 to employ that classic sports bromide — "putting things in perspective."

Sports fans ask one of two things from our teams: 1) If you're going to be jerks, at least win; or 2) if you're going to be losers, at least don't be jerks.more

Blazer fans are blessed with this team to root for players who seem like decent enough people and who are on the ascent for future seasons, regardless of what happens against the Rockets. But it wasn't that long ago that Blazer fans had a team that violated both basic fan requests — they were jerks off the court and losers on the court.

Thanks to deadspin today, here's just the story to put it in all in perspective about the Jail/Fail Blazers. And if you should need video evidence (beyond the classic on-court example above of ex-Blazer Zach Randolph) of how "charming" some Blazers were off the court:

[youtube BrOH-KHxXg0]