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PICA Announces 2009 Time-Based Art Festival Lineup

Portland Institute for Contemporary Art announced Friday the lineup for this year's Time-Based Art Festival. The Festival begins one week earlier this year, starting Labor Day weekend and running Sept- 3-13. Notable artists include Young Jean Lee, Amyro and the Slow Food Movement.

This is the first year of new guest artistic director Cathy Edwards' tenure, and it has a very different tone from the festivals programmed by Mark Russell. There are fewer drag queens, for one, and a very broad range of artists. This year promises to be more contemplative than the last three. The complete list, with pics, videos and commentary, after the jump. TBA:09 FESTIVAL ARTISTS


Amyo/tinyrage, too

Amyo/tinyrage, too: Seattle artists Amy O'Neal and Elli Sandstrom perform a world-premiere hybrid dance/video piece shot in locations across the US and Japan. The performance will consist of short dance videos interspersed with dance solos. Here's O'Neal dancing at Ten Tiny Dances.

[youtube 2BYIdKl377c]

Back to Back Theatre, Small Metal Objects: This Australian theater company, composed largely of mentally challenged actors, performs in the midst of pedestrian traffic. PICA hasn't yet announced the venue, though the park in front of Lloyd Center is being considered. The audience sits in the middle of a public space on bleachers, wearing headphones. The actors, wearing mics, mingle with passers-by, and the audience must discern who is performer and who is pedestrian. To passers-by, the audience appears to be the performance. Here's a trailer, of sorts.

[youtube hyAw4QjTgGs]

Erik Friedlander, Black Ice and Propane: New York cellist Friedlander performs a solo suite inspired by the road trips he took with his family as a child and the landscapes they drove through. His music, released on CD in 2007, will be interspersed with images from those trips and stories by his father. This one's sure to be a stunning performance.

[youtube tmZU4CV3mgc] [youtube X5C_trZQpCY]

Miguel Gutierrez- Last Meadow
Miguel Gutierrez and the Powerful People, Last Meadow: Another piece ruminating on the American landscape, Gutierrez' world-premiere dance piece pairs movement drawn from James Dean films with music by Neal Medlyn. Gutierrez' last project was freedomofinformation2008, a national collaboration that drew together pieces by artists including Portland's Tahni Holt to protest the tragedies of America's ongoing wars.

Maria Hassabi, SOLO SHOW 1 and SOLO SHOW 2: The New York dancer Hassabi performs another pair of TBA world premieres. The first is about solitude, the second about glamor. Here's another Hassabi piece, Dead Is Dead.

[youtube PII5mfs166w]

Raimund Hoghe, Bolero Variations: German choreographer and writer Hoghe passes on the obvious use of Ravel's repetitive masterpiece—building slowly to a crescendo—and instead cycles through many different boleros. His performance seeks to "reinterpret classical beauty" according to Edwards. Hoghe is a dwarf, so we assume he speaks from personal experience. Here's an excerpt:


Young Jean Lee, The Shipment: Ever the provocateur, Young Jean Lee, the playwright and performer who last appeared at the 2007 TBA festival with Songs of the Dragons Flying to Heaven returns with her latest show. The shipment is question is both a delivery of drugs and a boatload of slaves: the cast is all African American, and Lee applies her scathing wit to the black experience. Below, Lee discusses the show.

[youtube iyzHBwjq74c]

locust, Crushed: Another piece by Amy O'Neal this time with live beat-boxing and images of crushed bugs.

Pan Pan Theatre, Crumb Trail: An Irish theater/dance group deconstructs the fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel through the lens of our anxiety about living our private lives publicly on the internet. How timely! This original work involves the performers becoming a rock band, live multimedia and cookies.

[youtube GcBqNensmYg]

Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods with Philipp Gehmacher/Mumbling Fish, Maybe Forever: An American living in Brussels, Stuart performs a piece of dance theater about emotions and maybe vampires alongside singer/songwriter Niko Hafkenscheid, who plays live. Here's a video from the world premiere:

[youtube HCE74TFlnoM]

Visual Artists

Robert Boyd, Tomorrow People: A two-channel installation that pairs a montage of interviews with conspiracy theorists (9/11 truthers, Bilderberg Group paranoiacs, those who fear the lizard people, and so on) with a disco soundtrack. Here's a trailer.

Antoine Catala: French artist Catala manipulates live video, turning CNN into "TV blobs" devoid of real information—just as they came.

Brody Condon, Without Sun: A 15-minute compilation of found internet clips of teenagers tripping on Salvea Divinorum. A sample. At TBA, the piece will be staged as live performance, with an actor and a dancer performing the movement in the video.

Sharon Hayes: Hayes, who gained some public notoriety by staging readings of lesbian love letters to politicians at the national political conventions last year, is creating a new piece involving walking tours of neighborhoods and buildings in transition.

Jesse Hayward: Hayward, a Portlander, is creating a new piece for the festival. His art are sculptural piece built from accretions of cloth, plastic, metal, foam and wood covered in paint, glitter and ink. They look like bright bits of trash from the slums of Danny Boyle's fantasies, or scraps of wall paintings from an alien mosque.

Johanna Ketola, The Walls of my Hall: A Finnish artist whose video creates a fictional city out of bodies suspended in air.

Fawn Kreiger: Krieger is currently in residency creating, as I understand it, a life-size diorama of a national park she visited in 1984, molded out of concrete and upholstery. Audiences are encouraged to take photos of themselves in the space, becoming performers.

Kalup Linzy: Linzy, a singer/songwriter and performance artists, is working on a new video with LAIKA/house and creating a piece for TBA with Ben Darwish. He makes strange, soap opera-esque videos and performs in a wig and leotard. I'm not entirely sure what to make of these things, but they are very weird. Here's one from last year.

[youtube SEuGJ7OCX0c]

Ma Qiusha, From No. 4 Pingyuanli to No. 4 Tianqiaobeli: Quisha, a Chinese video artist, records a narrative confessional video about being a female artist in China, born under the one-child policy, and the attitude of worthlessness that society has towards her work. Oh, and she holds a razorblade on her tongue while she does it.

robbinschilds + A.L. Steiner, C.L.U.E.: A dance and video installation that makes use of bright solid colors filmed against desolate landscapes, urban and otherwise.

[youtube z7xVwwRwN5Y]

Ethan Rose, Movements: This one's very exciting. Portland recording artist Rose dismantled and altered over a hundred music boxes and displays them across the walls of a gallery, where they play his eerie music.

Stephen Slappe, WE ARE LEGION: Another Portlander, Slappe's video installations blend film, life and the Internet. This work will involve "a never-ending army of costumed children." Sounds like a few nightmares I've had.

Special Labor Day Event

Slow Food Movement, Eat In Picnic: A free Labor Day picnic hosted by the local branch of Alice Waters' Slow Food organization, dedicated to promoting good food and regional diversity.


Daniel Barrow, Every Time I See Your Picture I Cry: The Canadian artist combines overhead projections of his illustrations with music and live narration. This piece is a bout a garbage man on a mission.

Hitoshi Toyoda, Nazuna and Spoonfulriver: Toyoda, a Japanese artist who splits his time between Tokyo and New york, makes slideshows of photos he takes in the course of his everyday life.

Tyler Wallace + Nicole Dill, Between Us: A pair of undergrads at PNCA sit in a car in a parking lot, having a private conversation that is relayed through cameras and microphones to a website and a nearby wall that play a live feed of the goings-on inside the car.
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